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Fire show

"City of Angels"

Description of the video

Dancing composition in sporty and dynamic style with elements of acrobatics. Artists use a lot of different fire things such as poles, swords, torches, fiery snakes, pyrotechnic poi, fans, colored smoke torches and fireworks poles.

"Fire & Pyro show"

Description of the video

Standard dance composition, the duration of which 7-8 minutes. The first 4-5 minutes - this is fire Show: a romantic or celebratory dance with fire with rhythmic and gymnastics elements. The second part consists of a pyrotechnic show: the original genre artists transform into a live sparkling fireworks. Different pyrotechnic flares and fountains replace one another in the hands of artists.

"Romantic dance"

Description of the video

Romantic dance it is dance lyric composition with fire, which is often created by two artists. This fiery dance express tenderness and love through the plastic movements and flame. Can be used by different fire things, but the main ones being the pole, fire fans and torches. In the end, these things turn into a sparkling fountains, creating the effect of fireworks on the ground.

"Fare & Pyro show 2013"

Description of the video

Dance number from five artists, epic nature, sports and dynamic style with fencing and acrobatics. Used fire staves, swords, torches, fire snake, fire whip, fireworks poi, fans, color smoky torches and fireworks poles.

On the organization of performances outside Russia, please contact:

tel.: +7 (911) 212-57-97 - Dmitry Michael

e-mail: manager@magic-flight.ru