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            Our creative team of Magic Flight it is :

  • Great people, painting drab days with the colors of fire and light.
  • Professionals in various fields, aiming for perfection.
  • An infinite number of creative ideas, the best of which take on life.
  • The harmonious combination of dance, fire, light, and martial arts.
  • An opportunity to feel like the director and to realize his purpose in life.
  • Extravaganza of light, heat and motion.
  • Show.

    The main genres of the artists are fire show and light (LED, ultraviolet, neon, laser), gymnastic dance show. The feature of fire show in our performance is the plasticity of the original artists of the genre, which makes high art of street entertainment, under the guidance of director-choreographer. At the same time, they perform risky stunts, like the stunt, from blowing up the flame of fire to use of flamy subjects by hands. The subjects are: a fire pole, fire fans, flaming swords, a snake, torches.A standard act takes 7-8 min. Of these, the first 4-5 minutes - this is a fireshow: a romantic or celebratory dance with fire from elements of gymnastics and acrobatics. The second part consists of a pyrotechnic show, when the original genre artists are "alive fireworks," cope with a cloud of sparks. In the hands there are a variety of pyrotechnic flares and fountains. At the request of the customer, pyrotechnic special effects can ignite around the stage as a background of the artists perfomance: lines, shapes, rain of fire, turntables, etc. At the end ground fireworks can grow into high-altitude fireworks of any size. A fire show of the Magic Flight artists is accompanied by special laser effects and becomes a festive presentation, which can be called a laser-fireworks show. At the same time, high-altitude fireworks and fireworks can be self-pyrotechnic show, without the participation of the artists.

To date, we offer you a choice of the following numbers staged:

Light show :

    In the original the Light show genre acts there are several acts which are different in scope and performancess duration is from 5 to 15 minutes. From 1 to 15 people are while on the stage. By the nature there are lyrical and romantic (like "Love Story" "Psyche"), dance and aesthetic (such as Magic dance), sports and dynamic (such as "Test Drive"), club-entertaining (like "Valkyrie") and aggressive-fighting acts (like Fight). There are acts on the verge of Circus Arts: aerial gymnastics and dance with hoops (hoops halal).

  • 1. "Lights of the East" - the duration of 5 min. of 4-5 artists. - This is a dance show based on the sport of fencing, martial arts and Chinese fans, where the fearsome ninjas with swords suddenly transform into the charming curvy girls dancing with fans in the finale.. Used items: light maces, swords, Chinese, Chinese folding veera.The most affordable number.

  • 2. "Psyche" - the duration of 5 min. - This is the story of wanderings of the human soul, yearning to merge with love, inspired by the manner of ancient Greek mythology.Psyche (Greek y u c h, "soul", "breathing") - the personification of soul, breath. This word also means "butterfly." The romantic duet performed at the intersection of classical ballet, modern dance, acrobatics and original genre. Used items: LED pole, fans, poi, clubs.

  • 3. "Love story" - The beautiful romantic duet light show, which harmoniously combines male, military, woman, and air work of work with light, or fire hall-instruments, dance, ending with the solemn pair dance, in which there is the union of the partners.LED or pyrotechnic Items (for surcharge): a fan, a pole, poi give the evening upbeat festive atmosfere.The Effects that can be used-smoke, laser light show, bubbles.

  • 4. "Valkyrie" - the duration of 5 minutes. - Women's duo of LED, neon show, with elements of an erotic dance. Valkyrie - a mystic warrior-maiden with a sword, collecting the souls of warriors killed in the heavenly bridal chamber. Stern and unbending Valkyrie meets Nymph - more gentle and sensual - who fell in love with her, and tries to seduce the angel of death. LED laser swords that can sparkle in the final pyrotechnic fountains are used here (as a special effect for an additional fee).

  • 5. "Magic Dance" - the duration of 5-7 minutes. 3 artists (three women) - Magically enchanting dance of three girls in fantastic fluorescent outfits, in which waves of inspiring plastic flows in the fiery rhythm of rapid movements. Items of light show: LED clubs, poi light. Accompanied by special effects laser show.

  • 6. "Fight" - duration 3 min. - Scene of fencing in the style of "Star Wars" with light swords and poles. Includes a spectacular synchronized dance elements with weapons, acrobatics. Accompanied by special effects laser show.

  • 7. "City of Angels" - 3-4 Artist (1-2 guy and 2 girls) duration of 6-7 min. - Number of the light dance show combining hilarity of club shows and pathos of epic narrative. The tems of the LED shows: Laser swords, staves, light mace, poi, fans. Accompanied by special effects laser show.

  • 8. "Halloween" - 3-4 Artist (1-2 guy and 2 girls) the duration of the 5-7min. - Number of light, neon style show of ghosts and frightening characters. Items of LED show: Laser swords, staves, light mace, poi, fans. Accompanied by special effects laser show.

  • 9. "Nymphs" - the duration of 4-5 minutes. - Women's dance duo of light, neon show, combining elements of an erotic sculpture, club shows and rhythmic gymnastics. IT can be extended to 7 min. and supplemented by two male characters performing a scene of light fencing sword and LED poles and warlike dance with weapons. The tems of the ultraviolet light show: the light poles, fans, gymnastic ribbons. Accompanied by special effects laser show.

  • 10. "Dancing with the hoops" (hulahupy) - 2-4 girls, the duration of 4min. - A combination of lyrical scenes and merry dance with LED hoops, on the basis of rhythmic gymnastics and modern dance genre.

  • 11. "Magic flight show" - Consolidated view of the laser light show of dancing: 7-10 min of 6-10 artists. The large-scale performance for large stages is suitable for aesthetic maintenance, opening and closing inspirational events. Contains elements of an epic message, dynamic dance, sports and entertainment and theater scene. Like the "Olympic Ball," "Ice Palace".

  • 12. "Circus" - Consolidated pageant of ultraviolet laser light show for 10-15 minutes. of 10-15 artists. Incorporates elements of theater lighting, air gymnastics and circus arts.Accompanied by special effects laser show.

  • On the organization of performances outside Russia, please contact:

    tel.: +7 (911) 212-57-97 - Dmitry Michael

    e-mail: manager@magic-flight.ru